“A sales management tool
for sales people by sales people

Own your data! Looking for the killer app to help you stay organized as a sales person. Tired of dumping everything you do into a CRM system only to lose all that intellectual capital when you move on. Want to finally have a sales companion that let’s you organize sales life and own your data. Sales Assailant is a sales app for sales professionals created by sales professionals.

App Features

Organize & Manage Your contacts

Sales Assailant brings contacts right from your iPad contact list. Sales Assailant then organizes your contacts both by company and by individual contacts. Watch for our soon to be released contact normalizer to help clean up your contacts.

Data backup & recovery

Leverage iCloud to make sure that all those important details are always saved and available for a quick restore if an iPad is lost, stolen or dies.

Quick. Intuitive. Robust Organizer

Want to see all your contacts related to single company in one view but also have the flexibility to work with them at the individual contact level? Want to take notes during meetings and have it tied to a single contact but see all notes, for all contacts related to a company in one place. Sales Assailant gives all this functionality and does it not just for notes, but To-Do’s and relationship as well.

Alarms and reminders that matter

Wouldn’t it be great if you remembered your best customers birthday and got a reminder a week prior. How about the pending anniversaryof a big sale to follow up and up-sell. Sales Assailant gives you place to organize those ancillary dates and events that polished sales professionals never forget.

Add actions & Notes

Set notes and add action details about your business

Sales Assailant finally puts everything you need at your fingertips in one location. Organize your contacts,
lets you keep notes where they belong, with your contacts, remember critical dates and
relationships and so much more.

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Stay organized with Your Sales Manager App Being a sales person,
you have to contact many people, send emails or keep yourself up-to-date with the current market updates.
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